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In Memoriam

To recognize the life and achievements of those in the Longhorn Family who have passed.

Alumnus Tayneshia Jefferson
To the Eighth Power: Spring 1992, the Devastating Ladies of DST of the strong Enduring Epsilon Beta Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin birthed into being our Amazing Ace: Tayneshia Jefferson. Soror Jefferson, known for her creative energy and her love for theatre and the real power that lies behind the stage, was glue for Spring 1992.  Theatre was Soror’s Jefferson pulpit of love where she met like minded creative geniuses and together they challenged the world of theatre to strive for perfection, only then will you reach excellence. She was one of the top African-American stage management professors in her region. As a student at UT she was part of many groups and organizations and known particularly for her work and sacrifice in assisting with the new Malcolm X lounge which opened up in Spring 1995.  Soror Jefferson was a happy and loving soul. She loved to discuss the latest issues of the day and debate her point to the end. She was a lover of the “underdog” and those who had been mistreated. She was a fighter for social justice and hated discrimination against any human being. Tayneshia was a multicultural woman who had a mirage of friends of all races, creeds, and religions. Her heart was always open to all. She never met a stranger and she always made you feel like a welcomed guest. She was like the laughter to a smile, like the wind in the rain, and the song in a melody. To you, Tayneshia, we raise our UT horns in salute to a job and a life well lived. (submitted by Epsilon Beta).



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